LIVING IN A DOME- Extension and Restoration of a Historic Monument

Slanic Street, no.2, Bucharest

APARTMENTS + TRIPLEX Apartment in the Dome

Restoration, Extension of the Historic Monument with a DOME
No. of levels: S+P+3E+M
Build surface= 78 sqm
Developed surface = 660 sqm

The project consisted in restoring a historic monument and adding a dome in top of it.
The urban landscape of Bucharest is composed by old buildings which roof on corners is most of the time a dome. When the client bought this building, located at intersection of two streets, the upper part of it looked strange, like if something was missing. Investigating the history of this building we discovered a photo made by Compagnie Aérienne Française in 1927 where it was visible the house used to have a dome on top. This was the main argument to add a dome in top of it and transform the upper three levels in a very original apartment.