ConWEEB Workshop

On 24th of May 2018 in Brussels, InnoWEE in cooperation with 3 other EU H2020 projects – Green Instruct, VEEP and RE4 – organized the ConWEEBWorkshop as a part of #EUGreenWeek.

The event was an excellent opportunity for partners of all 4 projects to exchange knowledge and opinions and to discuss problems encountered during projects’ implementation to find the best solutions.

The open speech was delivered by Mr. Jean-Christophe Vanderhaegen, the Director General of the Brussels Confederation of Construction. Then the representative of the European Commission, Mr. Carlos Saraiva Martins, has presented the role of EU projects and how important cooperation between these projects is.

The workshop was divided into 4 topic sections (Introduction of EU projects; Selection of CDW; Characterization / New materials; and Design and LCA) with presentation of each project in each section. After each presentation the Q/A session took place where very interesting questions were asked by 35 participants of ConWEEB Workshop.

All InnoWEE presentations from the ConWEEB Workshop are available below: